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Disclaimer Notice:

Please keep in mind that the pictures are what they are.

After 30+ years, factory original parts may have been changed out.

Interior photos are meant to be representative of the color & trim combination. Some pictures are factory accurate and still originals, but quite often the seats have been reupholstered or have been changed out and used from a different trim package. Same with the interior door panels. Dash pad may have been replaced as well.

The truck may have been repainted with the correct color, but maybe they didn't paint it correctly such as making the truck a solid color instead of the original two tone paint scheme it came with. With that in mind even when repainted, there are differences in shades of color from paint brand to paint brand and mixing. Best original color check is in the engine compartment and cab floors if shown. These areas usually don't get repainted and will show the real truck color and shade. Engine compartment color may be original but it usually is faded and dirty. Generally inside the cab is the best chance that it will still retain the factory color and gloss.

Any photos of tires & rim and springs are mainly representative only to give an idea of the truck stance with that tire option.

Most photos are from around the internet and no other information is available. Most photos have been saved from those that had the Service Parts Idenfication label shown with that option code on it so that they are not blatanly irrelevant or completely inaccurate photos. product lines for impact printer printed labels, decals & more !

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