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What is gloveboxoptions.com all about in printing labels?
Our company philosophy is that we strive to print automotive restoration labels using only authentic impact printers, typewriters, and stamp equipment when available, as the manufacturer originally did. We do not use laser printers for any "impact" or "stamp" look.
Do I need to create an account to place an order with you?
Creating an account is not necessary and is entirely optional. You can create an account at any time and link any previous orders of yours to your account. Creating an account also allows you optionally get e-mail notices of new products, updates or announcements at gloveboxoptions.com and allows creating new blog articles in our Blog link opens new window to gloveboxoptions blog. section of the website.
Why do I have to shop for labels for one vehicle at a time and not multiple vehicles in the same order?
Ease of use. At the time of the website design, it was concluded that the probability of a multiple vehicles on the same order was going to be tiny. Shopping for one vehicle at a time just simplifies the ordering process and gives a better shopping experience.
What is the ordering process to make a custom label online?
We have made the ordering process as easy as possible for you. After you have determined exactly what you want on the label, then briefly the steps involved are like this: like any web store you shop, add your items to the cart, select checkout. Then enter your VIN number, select the model of your vehicle, and make payment.
After payment you are redirected to a worksheet of label(s) from your cart that you need to customize one at a time. To customize each label you select that label from the list to customize, answer any questions you may be prompted for, enter in your custom data and use the image preview to view the label with the current information, then align or adjust your label on the form using the image preview and your done with that label. Repeat this same process until you are done with all your labels.
When finished, you can upload any photos of the originals you want us to examine, match, compare, or duplicate the new ones too. You also have the ability to write any order notes or special instructions, processing, changes, concerns or needs you want us to address further. Finally, press the "Place Order" button when you are ready, and you are done.
What is your WYSIWYG previewing ordering all about?
One of the many features in our order entry system is that it is a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) design. During the order process for each label, you have the ability to get an image preview of your current data entered, positioned onto the actual form or label that you had selected! Another step in the process is that if the form or label allows it, you may also get the ability to position and move the data on the page up, down, left or right on the page - and view it as such. Got a stamped serial number on your window sticker and you need to move it up, down, left or right? You can move the serial number around on the window sticker and that is where we will stamp it. Need the serial number rotated so it is not perfectly horizontal? Guess what? You can do that in the order entry screen also and see it shown as such in the image preview, and that is how we will stamp it. Need something more that the online ordering cannot do? Just let us know in the order notes when placing the order and we will do our best to match it.
How long does it take to create a label?
Once you are prepared and know exactly what information you will need for each specific label, typical may be:
  • Door Decals 10 minutes
  • Service Parts Identification (SPID) labels 10-40 minutes depending on the number of options needed
  • Window Stickers 20 to 60 minutes all depending on how accurately you type and how well you type, how much data you have to type in, how much time you take to check, check again, and triple check your work in the image previews. Some Window Stickers require little information while others require a lot more like the late 1970's into 1980's. Each Window Sticker starts off with a preloaded template which cuts down the time significantly and you can visually see where the data should be placed and changed.
  • What information do I need for my labels?
    We cannot briefly answer that here, please read about that here Ordering Information link opens new window to ordering information.
    Can you help me with my label information?
    The information on the labels are so manufacturer and vehicle specific that it's difficult enough to be knowledgeable in just one specific car model how's & why's. We specialize only in 1967-1972 (and somewhat in the 1973-1980 square bodies) GM pickups and we can help you in that area when your order is placed and before it is printed if there are any concerns. We can create accurate 1967-1972 Service Parts Identification labels and Window Stickers from scratch with your inputs. For vehicles other than those, we aren't much help in vehicle specifics. See our Ordering Information link opens new window to ordering information page for suggestions or information requirements, and online resources for research and reference material.
    Why do all the custom labels ask for the VIN and model number of my vehicle?
    We decode the VIN number to determine whether the labels in the shopping cart apply to your vehicle. It is also used in the order entry process to set attributes that may be used by the label and to prompt you for clarification when it characteristics are unknown.
    Why does your cart check complain that my label I have in my shopping cart is not valid for my vehicle VIN year ?
    We strive for accuracy and do not wish to pollute the pond with incorrect usage of labels unless it is a known exception, so we lock it down with all this in mind. We have the products locked down in a restrictive manor by application year, in general, so that you will get the correct label. It also acts as a guard in validating the VIN number and year. If you have an exception that you know is correct for your application, please let us know and we can correct the cart validation.
    Do you have every typeface equipment to impact/type/print/stamp as the originals?
    We have enough equipment to cover the majority of what was used, but not everything. See our Product Gallery Showcase link opens gloveboxoptions gallery of our work to see what we can do.
    Can I get a label made with a different impact printer than what the original was?
    In general no. We do not wish to cross-pollinate and muddy the waters by incorrectly producing an impact printer printed label using the wrong printer typeface. The exception is that in the early 1960's there are cases where more than one impact printer typeface was used by the manufacturer on their Window Sticker.
    Why do you only have a few Ford Window Stickers offered?
    Ford used different types of impact printers that we do not have in our collection. The Ford labels that we can reproduce are the years 1965-1966 Mustangs from certain plants since they used the same impact printer typeface as GM and Chrysler did.
    What if your WYSIWYG order entry label preview does not position|format|display|look|print like my current label that I am replicating ?
    If the online WYSIWYG image does not duplicate what you are trying to reproduce, it is recommended to finish the order, upload the images of your originals, explain in the order comments what you need done or what is different, and then place the order. Before your order goes to the printer, we can intercept it and change any aspect of it. We do not charge extra for this.
    We can handle the majority and leave the last 1% as a special handling. If we cannot duplicate what you have you may cancel your order and receive a full refund.
    What if I mispeled or have tyPo's on the label when I typed it in and completed the order with it?
    Nothing is more disappointing than that. When placing an order you need to type very carefully and review your work at each stage and double check it. Our order entry system is a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) system with image previews showing what you label will look like in advance where you can proof read it.
    If you place and order and later catch a mistake in it before we print it out and incur cost on our part, we can fix any and all parts of the order at no charge. Once we start work printing a label and incur material cost, it is too late to make a change to it, and an additional charge will be incurred to replace it with the new changes. See our Returns, Refunds, Exchanges & Cancellations link opens new window to policy Returns and Cancellations for details. Notify us via e-mail right away as soon as a problem is spotted.
    If after receiving your item you discover a typo in it, we can send a corrected replacement to you for 25% of the cost of the original. It must be a true typo and not any additions, deletions or modifications of the original.
    Do you proof read the labels before printing them?
    We examine the image preview of your label before it gets printed, mostly for alignment and positioning requirements in the printer, but we do not guarantee we will catch anything wrong with it. If we do, we will make a reasonable effort to contact you and verify with you before continuing. Since we specialize in 1967-1972 GM pickups, we do take extra time to check and proof read the labels for completeness, accuracy, and spellings for those labels and look for problematic areas that may or may not be present.
    Is there anything else I should know or read about before ordering?
    We a have a disclaimer about our WYSIWYG image preview and how it translates into the physical equivalent. Basically is says that we strive to duplicate what you see in the WYSIWYG preview images as much as possible. But, due to constraints of physically positioning the label in the printer to match the preview, we allow a margin of error in the matching process. It comes down to this: how do you move the form in the printer left/right/up/down 1 or 2 screen pixels to match the preview image? With constraints like that no reproduction will ever match exactly the preview image, but we do our best. For more information please read the "Products or Services" section in our Terms and Conditions statement here Terms and Conditions link opens new window to policy terms and conditions products or services section
    During Order Entry, on the "Privacy Settings", you ask me if I want to make my label public and searchable. What is this about?
    Initially our website was designed with the idea that possibly one day we would allow searches of our database based on various criteria and display those labels that matched. If and when that event would occur, the privacy settings of each label would come into play. Each image has privacy controls set on it by the user. These settings allow the image to be publicly viewed and if it is viewable, you have the option of having your name and/or e-mail address for contact information embedded in the image and whether you want the VIN number partially disguised. During the order entry process, you are asked to set your preferences on the label for this purpose.
    We currently do not have any labels searches implemented at this time with no future date in mind
    Can I change my privacy settings for my label afterwards at a later date?
    Yes you can if you register and sign up for an account you can change settings on any of yours labels at anytime.
    What is your return or cancellation policy?
    Every label is custom made to order and cannot be resold to another once returned. Since we have incurred costs in producing the label, a return or cancellation fee is imposed resulting in a partial refund.
    Please read our policy Returns, Refunds, Exchanges & Cancellations link opens new window to policy returns exchanges cancellations that covers returns and cancellations.
    Will I receive a shipment tracking number so I can track the order?
    All orders are shipped with a tracking number and e-mailed when the order is completed. You can also view the tracking number(s) from the Check Order Status link opens new window to order status. page found on the main navigation menu.
    Can you laminate Window Stickers?
    We do not do any lamination's services as it does not look right on the finished product. You can easily get it laminated at FedEx Office or other Office Supply stores though.
    Will you "age" Window Stickers?
    We do not provide any label aging services.



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