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This is a continuation of a four part series covering GM VIN and Model number format and usage from 1967 through 1972.

In Part 2 here, I cover Canadian GM Chevrolet and GMC Truck VIN and Model numbers for vehicles made in Oshawa Ontario.

The information contained in this series of articles gives more of a historical timeline account of GM VIN and Model coding styles. It does not go into listing all the specifics of each code in the VIN and Model numbers and what they stand for. For that, see our Blog article VIN Number Decode Diagrams. This article is a summary and recap of the research that went into making our YaVD VIN and Model Decoder and it is is meant to compliment that for a more thorough background with footnotes and References listed for further reading for the interested person.

1967-1972 Canadian Chevrolet & GMC VIN and Model Numbers

Canadian Chevrolet Truck VIN Information

Canada Chevrolet used the same VIN number format scheme as USA Chevrolet truck VIN numbers.

Canadian Chevrolet Truck Model Information
Canada Chevrolet used the same Model number format scheme as USA Chevrolet truck Model numbers.

Canadian GMC Truck VIN Information
Just as you thought you where starting to master this. General Motors of Canada GMC division, like their counterparts in the United States, has a variety of of differing VIN formats used for 1967 through 1972.

Here is a example list of VIN styles used in each of the years:

1967: C9S1471XXXXXX, Canada GMC style
1968: C9S1481XXXXXX, Canada GMC style
1969: C9S1491XXXXXX, with a few oddballs like 68-69 USA GMC CS10D-1AXXXXX style
1970: CE134-Z1XXXXX, same as USA GMC     
1971: CE134-11XXXXX, same as USA GMC
1972: TCS1421500001, unified VIN for 1972 all plants
Years 1967 through 1969: C9S1471XXXXXX
A typical 1967 to 1969 Canadian GMC Truck VIN looks like this: C9S1481XXXXXX. Note that this is a modified Chevrolet style VIN that GMC of Canada used as a base for their VIN number. GMC Canada modified this format to insert a literal number 9 in between the Chassis Code C and the Engine Code S. The number nine in the VIN signifies that this vehicle was manufactured by GMC1,2. This gives us a VIN format of:

[chassis]9[engine][series][body][year][plant][6 digit serial]

There is probably a connection here someplace, but 1967-1969 GMC Series are specified as 910, 920, 930 corresponding to 1/2T, 3/4T and 1T respectively, which is just the Chevrolet Series number prefixed with "9".
Years 1970 and 1971: CE134-Z1XXXXX
GMC Canada now switches to GMC USA's style for the VIN number, i.e. CE134-1XXXXXX

Year 1972: TCS1421500001
GMC Canada adopts GM USA Chevrolet/GMC unified style for the VIN number, i.e. TCE1411XXXXXX format.

Canadian GMC Truck Model Information
Just like USA GMC's, the Model number has a change history to it as well.
Here is a example list of Model number styles used in each of the years:

1967  C9S10934, Canada GMC style
1968  C9S10905, Canada GMC style
1969  C9S10704, Canada GMC; with a few oddballs like 68-69 USA GMC CS1570D style
1970  CE15934,  Canada = USA GMC style
1971  CE16034,  Canada = USA GMC style
1972  CS15905,  Canada = USA GMC style
Years 1967 through 1969: C9S10934
Like the VIN number usage described earlier, Canada GMC used Chevrolet Model numbers with the addition of inserting the GMC division code of 9 into the Model number between the Chassis Code C and the Engine Code S to signify that this is a GMC built truck. This gives us a Model number that typically looks like C9S10904, its format is:


Years 1970 through 1972: CS15934
GMC Canada changes to using GMC USA 1970-1972 style for the Model number, i.e. CE15934 dropping the literal number 9 from the Model number. Model number format and codes are now the same as GMC USA usage, CE15934.

When looking at just the Model number, you can estimate the year based on its format. If the Model number contains a 9 then it is a 1967-1968-1969 year else it will be a 1970-1971-1972 year truck. If the Model number Body & Brake code is shown using the old GMC style of "0D" (usage is not too common), then it's probably a 1969. The VIN number would still be required for the exact year though.

After studying GMC VIN and Model numbers, it would be interesting to know what the inner workings of the GMC division was to have so much change in their formats compared to the consistent Chevrolet formats used in these years. If I'm missing something here or anyone can add to this, please leave comments below.

Part 1 covered stateside VIN and Model numbers.

In Part 3, I will cover what a "K" VIN is and how it relates to the State Certification Code is in the VIN for both Chevrolet and GMC.

In Part 4, I will list a quick and dirty summary of Parts 1, 2 and 3!

References to Footnotes in Article

Service Manuals:
1General Motors Products of Canada, Limited, Oshawa, Ontario, 1968 GMC Truck Series 910-960 Shop Manual (Part No. PSD-53-146 , (C) 1967)
Owner's Manuals:
2General Motors Products of Canada, Limited, Oshawa, Ontario, 1967 GMC Truck Owner's and Driver's Manual Series 910-930 (Part No. 3402080, First Edition, September 1966)
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